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Rangoli Designs With Flowers!!! Rangoli is a folk art from India. Rangoli is made in living rooms and courtyards floors during Hindu festivals and ceremonies like wedding and events. Rangoli is sacred and used for welcoming Hindu deities. The art has been passed down through ages, from each generation to next generation keeping the art and tradition alive. Rangoli design is created by using colors, dry flour, colored rice or flower petals. – Best rangoli designs for diwali rangoli designs with flowers
Rangoli is generally practiced by women as means of decoration. The design varies reflecting the traditions, folklore and practices which are customary to that part of area. It goes by name of Kolam in Tamil Nadu, ChowkPurna/Chowk Puja in Central & Northen States of India, Ossa in Orissa, Alpana in West Bengal and many more. – Happy diwali wishes 2016
The Hindu calendar is full of festivals and as one of the most important festivals Diwali (festival of lights) is nearby, we thought it would be great idea to share with you these rangoli designs images 2016 which will help you brighten up your house and courtyards.

Rangoli Designs With Flowers , Rangoli Designs Images

1} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

2} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

3} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

4} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

5} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

7} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

8} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

9} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

10} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

11} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

12} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

About Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is very popular and famous in India. Rangoli also called as Kolam or Muggu in all over India. Rangoli is a people workmanship from India. Sanskar bharti rangoli designs is very famous in India. Rangoli designs  are one of the most seasoned and most delightful conventional enhancing society artistic expressions of India. Rangoli is a photograph of religious and social feelings. Rangoli is a champion amongst the most pervasive craftsmanship among Indian women, which is generally pulled in and painted front of their homes using unmistakable shading powders and shades of shading powder. There are different rangoli types to make rangoli like flower rangoli, powder rangoli, rice rangoli, peacock rangoli salt rangoli and free hand rangoli. So a Rangoli is basically a line of shading, weaved into an example of sorts. They are known by diverse names in distinctive parts of the nation likes Rangoli in Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra, Aripana in Bihar, Madana in Rajasthan, Alpana in Bengal, Chowkpurana in Uttar Pradesh and Kolam in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Muggu in Andhra Pradesh. Rangoli also famous in events and occasions.

Rangoli designs which you can attempt at your home during festival and events. Rangoli amateurs of plans images for Indian celebration and traditions. Rangoli grouped with taking after designs or rangoli types like Dots rangoli design, Diwali rangoli designs, Kolam rangoli design. Rangoli is a bright example made close to the passageway to a house followed in Indian society to welcome god. Rangoli designs draw for Diwali celebration which done by Indian ladies and girl’s. Rangoli designs for rangoli beginners who can easily craft rangoli in traditions. The motivation behind Rangoli to bring good fortunes and success.

Rangoli Designs For Competition & Tips to Win Competition

Looking for some new, latest and fresh competition rangoli design with themes? Then, look no further, coz you are in the right place. Rangoli competitions are held across India during all major festivals, and we want you to put up your best.
We have tried to bring out some beautiful competition rangoli design made by some very talented artists. Do have a look at their amazing work:

Rangoli Designs For Competition

1.    Soak a cup of white rice overnight in water.
2.    Grind it in a mixer grinder to a fine paste with a little water.
3.    Add 3 tbsps of favicol in this paste. Stir well.
4.    It should be like a thick batter.
5.    Now in a large plate place 6-7 small sized bowls.
6.    Pour the paste in these bowls. 
7.    Add different colours in different bowls.
8.    Make use of chalk or colour pencil to trace design on floor where you want to make Rangoli.
9.    Fill colour/make outlines using your finger tip. You can also use a painting brush.
10.    Your Rangoli is ready. This one will last for 8-10 days and will withstand brooming and mopping as favicol will make it stick to the floor.

1} Rangoli Designs For Competition

rangoli designs for competition
rangoli designs for competition

2} Rangoli Designs For Competition

rangoli designs for competition
rangoli designs for competition

3} Rangoli Designs For Competition

rangoli designs for competition
rangoli designs for competition

4} Rangoli Designs For Competition

rangoli designs for competition
rangoli designs for competition

5} Rangoli Designs For Competition

rangoli designs for competition
rangoli designs for competition

6} Rangoli Designs For Competition

rangoli designs for competition
rangoli designs for competition

7} Rangoli Designs For Competition

rangoli designs for competition
rangoli designs for competition

8} Rangoli Designs For Competition

rangoli designs for competition
rangoli designs for competition

9} Rangoli Designs For Competition

rangoli designs for competition
rangoli designs for competition

10} Rangoli Designs For Competition

rangoli designs for competition
rangoli designs for competition

{^_^} Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans | Quotes

Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans !!! Celebrate Associate in Nursing Environmentally Safe Diwali
Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans, Did you recognize that diyas lit on the moonless Diwali night signifies the tip of darkness of content and therefore the starting of sunshine that enlightens all? Well, this Diwali enlighten yourself towards the hazards that boisterous celebrations of Diwali poses to the environment.

Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans

This articles endeavours to sensitise the readers towards celebrating Associate in Nursing environmentally safe Diwali by observing the foremost impacts that Diwali has on the environment. it’s hoped that this articles can encourage you to celebrate a inexperienced Diwali, wherever there’ll be Associate in Nursing explosion of joy while not crackers!

Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans 

How to celebrate Associate in Nursing Eco Sensitive Diwali?
Now, that you simply {are interested|have Associate in Nursing interest} in celebrating an Eco – Sensitive Diwali, the primary factor that you simply got to do is to create yourself aware of the results the normal Diwali celebrations has on the Mother Nature. Given below ar 3 major environmental impacts that Diwali competition wear the environment.
Air Pollution through Firecrackers
Excessive Consumerism
High Energy Consumption – Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans
1. pollution through Firecrackers – “Say  ‘No’ to fireside fruity and  ‘Yes’ to life!”
For most individuals lighting of firecrackers is that the highlight of Diwali. Brighter the sparkles, louder the noise the larger the thrill!! actually to several people, these aesthetic styles of light-weight appear thus applicable and most essential once celebrating the ‘Festival of Lights’.

But very little do individuals understand that in our more and more inhabited and impure cities, the temporary joy of look the firecrackers is before long replaced by the extreme pollution caused by these. The toxicant substances utilized in the firecrackers unharness toxicant gases that ar harmful to the health of all living beings. The high level of noise generated by the fruity cause large suffering to birds and animals. Besides, Diwali fruity ar terrible by the sick and therefore the indisposed.

Sadly, few people realise that the firecrackers used on Diwali ar largely created by terribly young kids. Since the substances being handled ar very toxicant several of those kid labourers get sick and die in their early teen years. – Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans

Harmful effects of Chemicals utilized in fruity
Let’s do to a small degree analysis of fruity and list come in actual terms the harmful effects expose by every of its chemicals.

Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans

Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans

Irritation of tract
Anemia and harm to urinary organ
Affects the systema nervosum
Its dirt and fumes cause metal fume fever
Reacts violently with wetness and may attack the skin.
Leads to innate reflex
Could lead to mental impairment
Could lead to coma

Noise Pollution caused by hearth fruity
Crackers that create a noise of over a hundred twenty five decibels at four metres distance from the purpose of explosive ar prohibited by the law. Given here ar the hazards expose by excessive pollution caused by crackers:
Hearing loss, high pressure, attack and sleeping disturbances.
Sudden exposure to bang may cause temporary hearing impairment or permanent relative hearing impairment. –  Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans

2. Excessive Consumerism
An indirect however equally important impact of Diwali on nature is attributable to the redoubled consumption. Since Diwali is additionally a celebration of abundance and wealth – many of us believe that it’s an honest time to shop for. Often, individuals exit and purchase new things even after they do not would like them. Advertisements and hoardings scream dead set individuals offerings sales extravaganzas, bargains, discounts encouraging U.S. to shop for a lot of and more!

How will this redoubled consumption have an effect on Nature?
A point to comprehend is that each one {man created|artificial|synthetic|imitation|non-natural|simulated} things ar made out of materials that come back from Nature. Be it plastic, metal, paper or textile – all of those raw materials come back directly from nature. Those sources that ar non renewable (cannot be fully grown back) like fossil fuels and metal ores get depleted and can in the future run out. Depletion of non renewable natural resources is one amongst the foremost important impact of consumerism.

slogans celebrating eco friendly diwali
Eco Friendly Diwali SMS
eco friendly diwali status 

For instance, the gold earrings that you simply can purchase on Diwali is coming back from a gold mine that’s not solely depleting the gold resources of the planet, however within the method of mining is perhaps devastation many ecosystems.

A question to speculate at this stage is, wherever do all the items we have a tendency to throw away go finally? Solid waste created by kith and kin that is non perishable (does not simply decompose) must be crammed into holes mamma up within the ground. These ‘landfills’ as they’re referred to as might exist for hundreds of years while not fully obtaining integrated into the soil. The plastic toys that you simply are discard these days, might exist in an exceedingly lowland many generations when yours!

Five Principles of Nature conservation
To be ready to conserve our natural atmosphere it’s vital to stay within the following principles –
Reduce : the number of things we have a tendency to use
Reuse : the items we’ll in several forms till we’ll fully no use for them
Recycle : things that are not any longer useful.
Rethink: the alternatives we have a tendency to create once deciding to shop for one thing and
Refuse : things that we have a tendency to don’t would like in the least.
So this Diwali, before you purchase one thing new apply the on top of 5 principles and solely then pay at the counter!

3. High Energy Consumption
The competition of lights puts a significantly significant load on electricity sources that ar already overladen. the utilization of electrical lights to adorn homes, business institutions, monuments and roads needs an enormous quantity of electricity. The older tradition of burning oil lamps may be a attainable different to electrical lights – even if it will use oil, the length of the lamps is shorter.

Eco sensitive Initiatives around Diwali – Eco Friendly Diwali Slogans
With the growing recognition of the impacts of Diwali on the atmosphere, many teams have began to reinterpret the rituals and traditions to become a lot of sensitive to nature. for example, the kids of NCL college, Pune celebrate a special Diwali by sharing garments with the lesser privileged.

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Eco Friendly Diwali gifts
Eco Friendly Diwali speech
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Rangoli Designs With Flowers | 2016 collection

Rangoli Designs With FlowersThis simple rangoli design looks very vibrant with its beautiful colours. The red and the contrasting blue make it a colourful rangoli. The design too is quite simple. The contrasting colours of blue and red make this one a great choice for anyone. This one is apt for Diwali and will suit most occasions, for it is mostly flower patterned.

1} Rangoli Designs With Flowers 

  2} Rangoli Designs With Flowers and leaves

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                    *{Special} Happy Diwali Wishes 2016 Wallpapers

3} Rangoli Designs With Flowers and Colours

4} Rangoli Designs With Flowers for diwali

 5} Rangoli Designs With Flowers For Competition

6} Rangoli Designs With Flowers and leaves

7} Rangoli Designs With Flowers and leaves

 8} Rangoli Designs With flowers Petals

9} Rangoli Designs With flowers and colours

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10} Rangoli Designs With flowers 

Best Rangoli Designs With Flowers A design with peacock and lotus design. The design stands out with its use of vibrant shades like bright pink and blues. The peacock is done with expert hands and the surrounding design with white color is also done with care. The middle section is decorated with bright yellow and orange colors and small diyas have been placed there.

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