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diwali 2016

Happy vagh baras to you reader

First Of all happy diwali 2016 to all of you readers. Hope you enjoy this diwali 2016. Vagh baras is the part of the diwali, during day of diwali its come on 30 October 2016.

Celebrations of Diwali start earlier in Gujarat than in the rest of India. In the 12th day of Krishna Paksha of Aso is celebrate as Vagh Baras.

Vagh Baras is observed on Dwadasi day in second half of Aso month. In current year 2016 the vagh baras is on 12th Nov. Vagh Baras is also known as ‘Govatsa dwadashi’ or ‘Guru Dwadashi’. On Vagh baras day, puja is offered to the devout cow and calf.
‘Vagh’ refers to repaying one’s financial debts, hence people clear their Khata(accounts) books today. New and fresh transactions are then avoided until after Labh Pancham, using new ledgers.

On vagh Baras, cow and calf are also adoration. This vrat is also known as Nandini vrat.
In Dhodia tribal villages in Gujarat, this festival is celebrated in great fashion with great enthusiasm
They celebrate Vagh baras fest as a sport chasing one another person. The person who dressed like tiger chases the person dressed as cow and calf.
Finally, at the end of the sport, the village inhabitants eat food together at a common place and celebrate.

Some thing more about Vagh baras 

Vagh Baras a.k.a. Wagh Baras is observed regarding the 12th hours of day during the waning phase of moon ( ie the krishna paksha) in the month of ashwin as per the usual manual followed in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The corresponding month in North Indian directory monster the Karthik month. In the year 2012, this is much-admired upon November 10th 2012. So happy diwali wishes to all of you. 

In Gujarati, Vagh means repaying ones financial debts. Vagh baras significance of this festival is that upon this daylight people certain their ledgers known as Khata and enter into connection transactions by yourself after Labh Panchami. They painful to bring minister to all the large quantity into the get out of during this time and so this tradition of clearing debts has arised. However for practical direct, nowadays, without help the ledger entries are renewed and the actual financial transactions continue normally.

On this daylight as share of the ritual they hero worship the cow and calf and this vrat is known as the Nandini Vrat in Dhodia tribal villages in Gujarat in comfortable fashion. Also Vagh baras is widely believed that Shri Vallabha who was an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya left the earth upon this hours of daylight. Hence Vagh baras is also applauded as Guru Dwadashi in some places.

Vagh Baras is also known as Vasubaras in Maharashtra .
North Indian people celebrate this day as Govamsa Puja.

Watch video for more about vagh baras. 

Ones again happy diwali 2016 wishes to you.  🙂